If you are just starting your TV/Modelling journey or have been in the industry for a while you probably have a few questions you would like to know about MUNE and the Industry in general. 

We completely understand, and want to help you, so, we have listed some FAQ’s that we ourselves have been asked throughout our time in the industry. 

We think we have covered it all, but if you think we have missed anything then please complete our contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.


Frequently asked questions

Why join "Mune Agency"?

We are a new agency, with over 25 years of combined agency experience, plus all 3 owners worked for one of the North West's leading agencies we know all things “industry”. You can be reassured that we LOVE our jobs, so much so, we wanted to create our own Agency! You will need to go through a strict selection process to join Mune Agency but once under representation we will do all we can to get you in front of the camera.

How do we promote you?

“Our chatty one” Sally, will research and chat to lots and lots of clients to make sure all clients are aware of who we represent. “Our creative one” Rach, will send mailers, update social media and promote our website to make sure all our clients see who we represent. “Our organised one” Jill, will make sure diaries are set, networking is met and we have liaised with all of our amazing clients so they know who to turn to for the best MA, SA & Models. Please also note we do use a management app called Tagmin. This will be used to produce model cards, CV's, updating details, updating calendars etc...

How often will I work?

We would love to give you a magic number! But unfortunately there are no guarantees with any Agency. Just like when you attend an interview for a job, you can’t ever guarantee that you will land the new role. However, we can assure you that we will do our best to land you that sought after job, we do not get paid unless our artists and models are working. We just urge you to follow any advice we give and complete any forms or documentation we send.

How do I know you are a reputable Agency?

Having worked in the industry for so long we have used our combined knowledge to ensure we are the right agency for you. With low commission rates, low admin fees and a wealth of industry knowledge you can be sure you get the best from an agency when joining Mune. Not only have we had years of working together in the industry, but we have built lasting relationships with Clients & LEA’s to ensure we have a list of amazing clients to promote you to. We also ensure you have a 30 day cooling off period after an offer has been submitted to you to ensure you have the time to complete your research and go over our T&Cs.

What fees are involved?

We want to be very open with any fees involved with joining our agency, so we make it very clear on all of our T&C’s but as a quick breakdown please see below…. MA’s - 10% commission on all MA payments - 20p for all transactions SA’s - 17% commission on all SA payments - 20p for all transactions Models - 20% commission on all Model payments - 20p for all transactions £25 annual fee charged when representation commences. £25 deducted from initial earnings (Admin fee) Our annual admin fee includes (but not limited to) building & updating your profile, communications, updated information, promoting your profile & documentation. Our admin fee deducted from initial earnings includes (but not limted to) the set up of payment services, payments, bank detail updates etc

When will the work be?

The majority of the work is during the week and if the MA, SA or Model is of school age this can be during school time. Work during the weekend is very limited, therefore if your time is limited please consider the amount of time you will need to give up before applying.

Where are you based?

Due to Covid-19 we will be home based for the foreseeable future. But don’t worry our creative one has ensured that we are linked through the powers of technology so the quality of our service is not lost. We take on MA’s from the North West and Midlands. Models from the North West and Midlands SA’s from the North West, Midlands, Yorkshire and All of Wales.

What will I be paid, how and when?

Clients will normally follow PACT Rates for all TV & Film assignments. Please note productions that started pre-Covid lockdown are entitled to use the previous 2019 FAA rates. Productions that started after 22nd June 2020 will be using the new rates. Photographic clients will pay £40 per hour per child model & £50 per hour per adult model. However, fees may be negotiated with the client to offer discounts for half days & full days. Dependent on how your images are used the client may pay additional fees called usage. This fee is normally set by the client and is not always guaranteed. Payment will be made to you once we are in receipt of the payment from the client. We chase clients for payments after 30 days but many clients will have a standard 60-90 day policy. Payment will be made through bank transfer, so ensure that your details are correct and kept up to date.

What travel will be involved?

Travel WILL be involved, even if you live in the inner city, clients are based all over, film sets will move and can be based from Skegness to Cardiff (we cover these areas for SA’s), and photographic clients will book location shoots. We have even booked Artists to shoot on location in Spain!! You will be expected to cover your own travel costs and to ensure you are able to get to set, so do not agree to a job that you cannot get to! PS. You would not be expected to pay travel costs to Spain. Clients will pay some travel, but it is a rare occurrence or for special circumstances.

How do I apply?

Please click on our Join now section and complete the Online Google form. We will then be in touch between 5-30 days. We will close our books intermittently throughout the year, however, if the books are closed, we will remove the join now section.

I have applied, I have been accepted, so what happens next?

Your application will then be reviewed by our organised one, at the review stage you will either be asked to apply again at a later date or confirmed as an SA and an offer of representation will be sent. Or it will be sent for further review to be an MA or Model. If you are at the 2nd review stage you will be required to send a showreel, professional images, CV or proof of experience as well as a DBS. Once confirmed, you will be sent an offer of representation. If you are not accepted at this point, you may still be offered an SA Agreement. Your offer & Agreement will be sent to you for review, and after 30 days we will ask you to confirm if you would like to proceed and answer any questions you may have before you sign your Agency Agreement. Then you will be represented by Mune!!

What should I expect when going on set?

Your very first day on set can be overwhelming but don't worry we will talk you through everything when booking you for a job. We will also send you out lots of useful tips and information throughout your representation. Everyone we speak to after their first assignment tell us what friends they have made and how lovely everyone on set is, so don't worry you will be in safe hands!

What is a copyright, and why should I have it for my images?

I want to use photos taken for me by a professional photographer... Where you commission a professional to take photographs on your behalf, for example model, wedding photographs, headshots etc the copyright will usually remain with the photographer. This means that you need to get the photographer’s permission before printing further copies of the images, sharing them with your friends or family, or undertaking other acts restricted by copyright such as posting the images to social media sites or using for representation. Many photographers will include licence terms setting out exactly what use you may make of images in their contract with you. If you have specific uses in mind, you should ensure these are discussed before contracts are settled. You could also agree with the photographer that the copyright will be assigned to you – this would be done by having a written and signed contract with the photographer saying you had bought the copyright from them. Depending on your needs, a less expensive solution may be to pay for a licence. Where a photograph is commissioned for private and domestic purposes, the commissioner does have a right that the photographs will not be issued to the public without their permission. This means that, although a wedding photographer may own the copyright in images of your wedding, they should not post them on their website or exhibit them in public without your permission. If permission and/or copyright has not been given by the photographer, then can request that the agency does not use them, request further fees, or even take legal action. Some/if not all of this information is taken from the government website. More information can be found here: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/481194/c-notice-201401.pdf

What images do I need for representation?

MAIN ARTIST: Professional headshots - showing a range of different looks, include at least 1 full length image. MODEL: Professional images - including; head shot, full length, black and white, and quarter length. SUPPORTING ARTIST: Professional images - including; head shot, full length, black and white, and quarter length. Additional shots of Side of head (both sides), Back of head. Please ensure you have full copyright of the images, and if not taken by yourself, please provide a copy of the copyright via email. We have included Copyright questions in our FAQs. Please note professional means clear, free of distractions, plain floor, plain background, highly focused. You are not instructed to seek a photographer for these images, however, please remember the images will be the first thing the client looks at. If your images do not match the above, we will not use the images provided.

The Talent's right to terminate the Agreement

The Talent agrees to sign with Mune Agency for a minimum period of 12 months. Should the Talent look to end this period short, Mune will require at least 4 weeks notice, which will include and detail the reason for the termination. Any assignments that have been agreed or commenced in any capacity under Mune representation must be completed under Mune representation.

Can I be signed to another agency, if I am with MUNE?

No. MUNE Casting Agency is a sole contract agency. When signing to the MUNE you must not be with any other agency, or join another agency whilst under MUNE representation. Not being honest about this from the start can cause lots of issues with productions, casting & all agencies involved. We fully understand that an exclusive agency isnt right for everyone, but this is a promise we have made to our clients and one we will be keeping.

Why does MUNE have a sole contract?

This is something we could write an essay on with arguments fore and against! But firstly, our contract is sole, so if you are looking to join multiple agencies, then unfortunately, we are not the agency for you. This is not something small print or hidden, this is the first line of our contract, as we want to make sure our relationship with our Talent is an honest one. We will try to keep the answer as brief as possible with 3 main reasons we are sole.... 1. This is a promise we have made to our clients. Lots of clients are divided, some have absolutely no issues with Talent being with more than one agency, with the understanding their main focus is SA for crowd scenes. However, lots of clients request that Talent remain sole to one agency, and so our promise has been made to them. 2. The term "I will not cross productions" is used a lot, however, even when you dont cross productions this still means you are working for another agency when we want to submit you for other briefs. 3. We have worked long hours getting your profile ready, ensuring we have your availability, spent time ensuring pictures are updated, sent you over to clients, spoke to clients about you and how you would be perfect! We then go to book you, only to find out your other agency has sent you for a fitting and shaved all your hair off!! We trust that good Talent don't "cross productions" but this is not the only issue. We have almost lost big productions due to Talent being with muliple agencies. This was our decision when opening the agency. I'm sorry, we are not changing this.