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Our goal is to create a personal agency and that home feeling when you speak to anyone on the team.  We want an open and honest working relationship with all our amazing Talent, with the same end goal for everyone, which is for you to work on set or in a studio as soon as possible!


"Thank You so much for all these opportunities Mia has been living her best life lately!..Already asking when she can do it all

Stacey & Mia x x x"  - SA Division


By working with amazing brands & production companies, we want to introduce you, our Talent, to new & amazing opportunities.

"Today was just amazing. I enjoyed every minute of it. The cast and crew were all great, made me feel like part of the family. I am so grateful for it and very grateful for you guys at MUNE. I wouldn’t of been able to do it without you guys:). So, thank you again for your help and putting me out there! I massively appreciate it. 


I can’t wait to see what’s next! Maxi" - ACTORs Division


Representing all ages of Actors, Models & SA’s, MUNE are here to help you on your journey, and build your exciting career in the Model & TV Industry.


We will guide you through auditions, castings, self-tapes & monologues.  Offering you tips and advice throughout your representation.

This may be your first small step into the industry, but may lead to a giant leap into your first TV or Model appearance - sorry you may see a few puns….



Whatever your next project you can rely on MUNE Talent to fulfill your briefs. 

"You are AMAZING!" - Tony - 2nd AD


Ensuring we keep MUNE exclusive & personal, we ensure our Talent is ready and fully equipped with industry knowledge to give you peace of mind when booking.

From Adults to Children, Siblings to full Families, we have a varied range of Models, Actors and SA's to help with what you're working on!


We look forward to working with you on your next project!



MUNE Casting Ltd founded by Rach, Sally & Jill in August 2020.

The 3 founders of MUNE have a combined experience of 20+ years and have an immeasurable amount of dedication.  Representing all age groups for Mains, Models & SA’s we can’t wait to help you with your next project!

“We want to create great lasting working relationships with all of our Clients, Talent & LEA’s.  If you are looking for Talent or an Agency to represent you, please contact us today - We look forward to hearing from you”



Co - Director

Head of Operations

All round Oracle

Jill Hewitt



head of operations


Jill loves organising!

She organises Rach, Sally, Friends, Family and just about anything that anyone will let her organise!


Jill has worked in the Casting industry since she was 18!! And 18 years later (shhhh we dont talk about her age) she still loves all things Agency.


Working with amazing Clients, Artists, Models and staff she understands what YOU are looking for.


"I love ensuring that everything runs smoothly and is organised to a high standard ensuring that everyone walks away happy"

Rach Laffey

Co - Director

Head of TV & Castings

Go to Girl

rach laffey

tHE creative one


Head of TV & castings

Rach loves all things creative! 

After realising her passion for TV, helping others reach their goals and interning at an established Actors Management, Rach soon found being an Agent was her forte, and secured her first Agent role at one of the North Wests leading Agencies in 2016.

From then, Rach has maintained great relationships and works with amazing clients! 

She has a keen eye for talent and loves meeting new artists and helping achieve their goals! 

"There's nothing better than a Main Artist securing a new role, or a Supporting Artist working on their favourite production, and know I helped make that happen!"


Co - Director

Head of Modelling

Research Queen





Sally loves to chat, and an "organised" mess (much to Jill's dismay).

She has been in the industry since 2013 and knows it like the back of her hand. Previously the Head of Bookings at one of the North Wests leading Agencies, Sally is on top of her research game when it comes to finding new and exciting clients to work with.

Ensuring we provide our Photographic clients with Professional Models. 

Be warned, Sally loves a phone call, she can often be found chatting to new brands and production teams!

"If you're working on a new production... I will find you... and I will get bookings with you"

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