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Welcome to MUNE's 2023 Winter Newsletter

As Winter is knocking on our door, we wanted to reach out to all of our amazing Artists with some feedback, tips, and information..


Winter months...

The start of Winter is seeing a lot of productions wrapping, and a lot of productions in pre-production, so keep an eye out for availability checks for brand new productions & some recurring series.


If your availability has changed since joining MUNE and you can no longer commit to work during the week, please do let us know as soon as possible. 


Soon we will be opening the books for New Adult Faces, the books will be open for a short time between November 2023 & January 2024.  If you have friends & family looking to join keep an eye out for our application form to go LIVE.

MUNE will also be on the look out for some new aspiring & Talented Adult Actors!  We will be launching an Actor Drive soon, if you have not yet registered your interest please do so!


Supporting Artist Feedback/Notes from Productions



Characterful, recent & up to date clear Selfies!


"We want to see a good representation of everyone." 

Characterful Selfie style images”

Some TV Clients looking for SA’s have asked for “Characterful Selfie style images”.  So if you have professional images currently on your profile please make space for 2-3 Characterful images.

Characterful selfies are defined as a headshot & full length showing your style (Make up, hair & clothing).

Selfies must show personality but avoid busy images with lots going on in the background.

Must have at least ONE Characterful, recent headshot and ONE Characterful, recent Full length.



Up to date measurements needed for Model & Commercial URGENTLY.  We fully appreciate that many of our SA’s keep their measurements up to date, but unfortunately not everyone does!  Measurements can be a reason for the booking. 

Please ensure you have at least:


Clothing Size,

Shoe Size,

Waist & Chest.


Modelling Feedback/Notes from Clients


Up to date Professional images.  Images should be no older than 12 months old.  Please note if you change it is your responsibility to inform us and send in new images. 

Turning up to a shoot looking different to your headshots may result in you being turned away by the client.

Modelling images should include: Full Length, Quarter (mid) Length & Headshots.



Up to date measurements for all Model clients.  Please ensure you have at least: Height, Clothing Size, Shoe Size, Waist & Chest and these are always kept up to date.

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