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Applications for age 10-23 years now open

Welcome to MUNE


Below is the MUNE 2024 Project application form, please complete thoroughly.  Any adults (16+ who have left School/in College) applying will need to have a valid and in date DBS or have just applied for one if you are offered a contract. 

What is the MUNE Project:

After a successful 4 years of leading Casting call projects working on productions such as Get Even, Red Rose, Waterloo Road & Lagging just to name a few! MUNE is leading a brand new 2024 Project for upcoming summer productions.

The Project was first introduced after the successful show Get Even approached the agency for 1000’s of SAs in the same Teenage bracket.  The project was a great opportunity for SA’s to come onboard and try out the industry before making a full 12 month commitment.

Many of our project SA’s have gone on to remain with the agency on a full term contract, some now even Actors.  Additionally, as the projects are in the summer this is also a great opportunity for School Children, School leavers & any adults who have summer months free!

Who is the MUNE Project for:

MUNE Clients are looking forward to seeing lots of new faces that represent YOU! Visible and Non-visible Disabilities, LGBTQ, multicultural backgrounds, ALL ethnicities.  MUNE & the productions we are working on are fully inclusive and look forward to representing you to capture a true representation of the UK today. 


Filming locations will be Greater Manchester, Merseyside & Yorkshire.  Clients are looking for SA’s that can get to location quickly so applicants must be North West or Yorkshire based.


Project Application

IMPORTANT Call times can be as early as 6am and can run over into the early hours. With public transport not always running early, we need to know you will always be able to get to set on time. How is your availability - Just like most jobs our clients will work Monday to Friday, which means your shoots/filming will more than likely be during the week. Do you have school approval, and are you able to take time from work to drive to and from the shoots. The TV Industry can be unpredictable, if you are relying on lifts or public transport are you able to make arrangements if your booking changes.

We would like to know a little more about you! Such as Height, if you are already registered with another agency, any disabilies, or extra information you think we should know.

IMAGES & VIDEO The images required need to be 2 clear images. 1 Headshot 1 Full legnth Your application will be rejected without this. The Video should be no more than 10 seconds long, this is an intro: Name, Age, Location ONLY. Images do not need to be professional at this stage, just nice clear selfies. Although they do not need to be taken by a photographer they do still need to be to a professional standard. This means no filters, images with friends or images with food.

Full Length
Intro Video

Thank you for providing the above information, we look forward to reviewing your application. Before you go please could you read over our 'How we work' & 'Application T&Cs' for full information. If you could also below tell us how you heard about our project application. Good luck with your application!

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