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MUNE is accepting applications fOR CHILDREN AGED 4-16 years

MUNE Clients are looking forward to seeing lots of new faces that represent YOU! Disabilities none and visible, LGBTQ, all backgrounds, ethnicities & cultures.  MUNE & the productions we are working on are fully inclusive and look forward to representing you. 

Filming locations will be Greater Manchester, Merseyside & Yorkshire.  Clients are looking for SA’s that can get to location quickly so applicants must be North West or Yorkshire based.

Please Note: The vast majority of work opportunities will be during the week (Mon-Fri) and can be as early as 6am.  
Availability for this type of work is crucial. Filming/Shoots will be during the week, if child is of school age, they must have schools permission/spoken to the school regarding coming out of school for this.

please note we are a sole agency

please upload 2 images, one headshot, one full length. please no filters, no images with friends or family.

Upload Photo
Upload Photo

Please record & save a short video, and upload below.

Include your full name, age & where you are from.

This should be no longer than 12 SECONDS.

This is a video for ID validation, this is not for audition purposes.

Please ensure this is a saved video ready for upload, ensure the video is clear and free of distractions.

Upload Video
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